It’s no surprise that screen time has reached unprecedented levels since the implementation of coronavirus quarantines. We’ve talked about the ways COVID-19 has changed the way we connect, but how will the digital marketplace change once lockdowns are over?

Today we dive into how can marketing approaches can be adapted to the new consumer climate as we begin the transition back to normalcy.

The stats on online habits

To begin, it is helpful to take a look at stats regarding recent changes in online habits. According to Social Media Today:

  • eCommerce orders are up 108%
  • Daily usage of socials have all increased:
    • Facebook is up 27%
    • YouTube is up 15%
    • TikTok is up 15%
  • 42% of consumers believe the way they shop will fundamentally change

Transitioning from online to real-life

How do these stats translate to the marketplace? Marketers need to take advantage of the additional time people are spending online, and one way they can do that is by incorporating user-generated content. By utilizing the content that customers are posting, businesses can demonstrate that they are open once again, while taking a more down-to-earth tone in a time when many are craving personal interaction.

It can also help transition people back from the online to the real-life marketplace. Marketer Peter Cassidy states:

Businesses should be considering how they can showcase the return of customer activity in order to foster consumer confidence, and user-generated content can offer weary shoppers the authentic social proof they need in this respect.

Real experiences

What do most people do before purchasing a product or frequenting a new business? They look at the reviews. Consumers want to know that they’re purchasing from a credible source. Good reviews and photos of your product in action can do wonders for your product’s reputation. We’re not talking influencers promoting sponsored content – we’re talking sharing the shots from everyday people.

See’s Candies is an example of a business that effectively incorporates user content into its social media strategy. Not only do they repost photos from happy customers, but they also use Fridays as a dedicated day to share Instagram stories of customers who have given them a shout out.

Fostering community

Many people are going to come out of quarantine craving community and human interaction, so now more than ever, your brand needs to maximize your personal touch. Providing stellar customer service, going out of your way to be kind, and emphasizing the unique value you bring to the community will help your business move forward during this time of transition.