There is no one perfect formula for content. In fact, short, medium, and long form content can all be very appealing to different sets of social media followers, provided you know how to craft each type well.

The Pyramids in Egypt

Short content tends be visual—things like Instagram posts and Snapchats. Tweets, with their “under 140 characters” nature also work. These forms of content tend to be punchy, often humorous and appeal mostly to your casual user media user.

Medium length content should be the bulk of your output. Craft more complex visuals like infographics and YouTube or Facebook videos that require more attention from the viewer. In addition, “how to” posts and lists can be useful here. Maintain a relative level of levity with your medium length content. By making it your staple content, you can simultaneously inform and entertain your audience.

Long form content is the hardest to master. Consequentially, few businesses even attempt to master it. This sort of content consists of things like well researched and cited articles or half hour podcasts. To truly make long form posts, you must pay special attention to quality. Also, to even get traction on these posts, your business must first have a devoted fan base. You can achieve this by promoting long form content in an interactive way, with methods such as the webinar. Again, anything as complex as this requires a great deal of skill and attention to quality on the part of the creator.

Once your audience is eager to read and listen to your long form content, then you will know you have succeeded. But, it is only through an attention to quality in all forms of story telling that you can reach this goal. No matter what sort of content you put out, make sure it’s the best you can offer.

Sourcing via Social Media Explorer.