Those little typos that turn our “Awesome Headline” into an “Aewsome Hedaline,” or tell tell people we had a “grate time” never fail to frustrate.  No matter how “aewsome” the image, typos in captions will diminish the impact or impressiveness of whatever image you post.  

Being all about visual messages, Instagram heard its user's complaints loud and a clear, and hence rolled out “a bundle of updates and improvements” designed to enhance the whole Instagram experience.  

First off, they have “improved” their Explore page by separating the feature into two tabs: one for People, and one for Photos.  While the Photo tab remains unchanged (displays photos and videos popular in your own personal circle), the new People tab displays recommended accounts for you to follow, which includes people from your other social networks.  

But, for the frequent victims of typo-messages, Instagram has now granted users the ability to change their photo captions even after they have been posted.  Before this update, users were forced to post corrections via a comment, or (tragically) delete the post and rewrite the whole thing.  But as Instagram stated in a blog post: “when you share a moment to Instagram, a typo shouldn’t get in the way.”

The change is easy enough to initiate: simply tap the new edit option that appears under all your posts, and voila: your typo need no longer be permanent.  Instagram has admitted that this has been “one of the top requests that we’ve heard from the community.”  With visuals becoming more and more popular for social media messages, it makes sense that whatever words are attached to a visual message should be correct so as not to detract from the image itself.  

This updated version of Instagram is available for iOS in Apple’s App Store (creatively dubbed version 6.2) and Instagram for Android version 6.10 is available on Google Play.  

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