We here at OPUSfidelis are celebrating Twitter’s birthday, because Twitter, more than any other application we currently use, has made our jobs as marketers so much easier. It is almost built for people like us, with its ability to share quick, fun pictures and videos, and its 140 character text limit that demands short, interesting info-packets. So while we wait for our boss to come back with the Twitter cake (yes, it looks just like that and you should be jealous), we wanted to talk a little bit more about what Twitter has given all of us.

Twitter is more than a service that helps us sell products and the public to make fun of Chris Brown. Twitter exports American culture- in this case, the American concept of free speech. We're not joking. The State Department has actually worked with Twitter in order to support the Arab spring. Twitter claims to comply with all laws of all countries it works in, however it is both too big and too influential to be banned or heavily fined, so the few attempts at legal action against it have been blocked or resulted with only minor slaps on the wrist.

And that gives us a lot of hope. We do not need to tell you that for every post on a revolt or all-important announcement, there are a thousand tweets that are inconsequential, even harmful.  But the world could do with another way to oppose dictators and host free debate. Thank you Twitter, for spreading democracy. And for good measure, here’s a picture of Captain America.