This summer, Truly Hard Seltzer is offering select fans the opportunity to drink at the first-ever zero-gravity bar.

A historic moment for hard seltzer

According to a press release published earlier this month, Truly is partnering with flight company Zero-G to offer five lucky people the chance to get high – six miles high, to be exact, in the first-of-its-kind customized Boeing 727 airplane bar stocked with Truly’s latest flavor offerings.

“Passengers will experience how ‘Lightly Fantastic’ drinking Truly can be, while walking across the ceiling, soaring through space, and seeing their Truly cans and hard seltzer float before their eyes.”

In order to enter to win a seat at the airborne bar, fans had to visit a Truly microsite where they answered a series of questions explaining why they love Truly Hard Seltzer. Winners will be chosen based on the “imagination” and “originality” of their responses.

What it means to experience “the lighter side of life”

Not only will winners be given access to this unique drinking experience, but they can also invite a guest of their choice on the flight, in addition to receiving a $500 stipend, hotel accommodations for two nights, and an invitation to a post-flight reception at Truly’s Innovation Lab in Los Angeles.

When asked about the inspiration behind the campaign, Matt Withington, Director of Marketing at Truly Hard Seltzer, commented:

“At Truly, we believe in embracing the lighter side of life, whether that’s crafting the most refreshing flavors or creating unforgettable, unique drinking experiences for our fans. In celebration of our newest Lightly Fantastic brand platform, it only made sense to go above and beyond with the world’s first-ever Truly Zero Gravity Bar. There’s no better way to remind fans that drinking Truly should be light, fun and joyful than literally defying the laws of gravity with a Truly in hand.”

While this unique sweepstakes stunt is certain to turn heads, one can’t help but wonder if it will end up costing the seltzer brand more than it will gain, considering that a typical Zero-G flight rings in at over $9k a person and no Truly purchase was necessary for entry…