With TikTok continuing its reign as the most-downloaded app for Q1 2021, more brands are attempting to use the platform to gain customers. But not all understand how the platform works. TikTok has launched a video editor to help brands make their TikTok videos look like…TikTok videos.

In the official statement from TikTok, the brand said:

TikTok Video Editor is an online smart editor that gives advertisers access to a suite of TikTok-style editing features. It allows you to quickly and accurately produce native-feeling content with TikTok-style elements, including popular music, fonts, colors and more. You can easily add custom subtitles, crop assets, and cut scenes exactly how you want in moments.”

The not-so-subtle message here is that most corporate media marketers don’t really understand how TikTok works. It’s true; TikTok is a place for raw, spontaneous videos, not the refined video content that many brands are used to producing. But all the better for creators, because being TikTok savvy requires less sophisticated video equipment and more imagination.

The video editor can be accessed from the Ad Creation menu when setting up an ad campaign, or from the “create a video” menu on the dashboard of the TikTok ads manager. Users can then select their videos and images, and add sound and text, just like in the app — but it can be accessed from your browser for ease of use.

Other options, such as transitions, filter effects, object erasers, split audio tracks, cropping, and more are also available. At any time during the editing process, the “masking” view can show your what your video will look like in the app.

If you’re interested in expanding your reach on the app, the new editor appears to be a valuable resource.