Whether it’s via email or direct mail, most nonprofits have a regular newsletter for donors and other constituents. But developing fresh, relevant, and mission-oriented content for each newsletter can be a challenge. If your nonprofit is stuck in a rut and is struggling to find fresh content, here are a few suggestions:


  1. Comment on a news story that is related to your nonprofit work

Keep your donors updated on your organization’s work and how it is making an impact. When there’s a local or national news story about your organization or about the type of work your nonprofit does, report on it to keep your constituents informed. For instance, if you serve the homeless in your community you could share a national news article about the increase in homelessness in Los Angeles and tie the article back to your local community.

  1. Interview a donor ­or key advocate

You probably have some dedicated donors that love your organization and the work you do. Interview them and highlight the reasons they support your nonprofit. This will provide a powerful testimony that can motivate others to support you while also affirming their commitment. It is better to have an advocate sing your praises for you. 

  1. Share your social media content

In your newsletters, highlight content that you and your supporters have published on social. Facebook and Instagram are typically great platforms on which donors feel comfortable sharing personal experiences, volunteer activities, or pictures at a recent benefit or reception you held. Simply highlight the best comments, photos and testimonials. Some people on your email or mailing lists don’t actively follow social media but will appreciate the content you share.

We hope that these tips provide some inspiration for you and your team! Share additional ideas below!