If you’ve updated your Facebook profile to Timeline, there’s a new app that will allow you to transform your Timeline interface into something that looks very unlike Facebook. With the Pinview app, your Facebook profile and news feed can be viewed with the Pinterest home page design. CIO help to give a rundown of how Facebook will look when converted to the interface used by the fastest growing social media site, Pinterest.

If you’re worried about the consequences of a one-time switch over, the good news is there’s no need! Since Pinview is an app directly inside Facebook, you can switch back and forth between the Pinterest-like view and your regular Timeline layout. And inside “Pinview”, Facebook can be used normally; users can comment, like and share friends’ posts. The only limitation is in posting directly on friends’ walls. While browsing profiles  and commenting on pictures/statuses are no problem, there is currently no option to post to a wall itself. We suspect this feature is only an upgrade away, and will keep you posted if/when it becomes available.

Like Timeline, Pinview is designed to give Facebook users additional options if they’re tired of the current layout. If you’re not totally satisfied with Timeline since you switched over, check out the Pinview app and tell us your thoughts.