LinkedIn recently made an exciting announcement to its 175 million members — a major revamp to user profile pages. At last week’s press conference, CEO Jeff Weiner highlighted four major improvements that you’ll see being rolled out to users within the next couple months:

1. From professional networking to a professional dashboard.  One of the most exciting developments being unveiled is the new real-time notifications service, featured on the home page of every profile. This is similar to Facebook’s newsfeed, automatically updating your profile with news he newsfeed automatically updates your profile with news that is not only relevant to you, but news that the other professionals in your immediate network are reading. You can also adjust settings to notify you about new comments and likes, invitations to connect, and views to your Profile.

2. New layout to both profile and company pages.  LinkedIn will now have condensed profiles so users can more easily find relevant content and information they need to make introductions or ask for recommendations. The newly launched “Projects” section at the top will also allow users to list any projects they’ve completed (having learned a language, earned a patent, etc). As far as company pages are concerned, users are now able to reach out directly to the company rather than just passively follow, find and connect with employees, and even apply for a job through the company’s LinkedIn page.

3. “Content Ecosystem”. LinkedIn has allowed a select group of followers to create long form posts to create unique content for the site. The new LinkedIn profiles can share these long form posts along any network, group, or even to a small niche of friends via LinkedIn and Twitter. The company hopes that this content, and the ability to share it, will enrich each user’s profile and increase the power of its own social network.

4. Mobility. LinkedIn managed to reduce the total buttons on its mobile app from twelve to four, making the entire site easier to use for professionals on the go.

As LinkedIn continues to roll out impressive updates like these, it widens its lead as the #1 professional networking site out there, making it difficult for potential competitors (like Facebook’s Branch Out) to keep up. How do you feel about the new features?