When half a minute of airtime costs approximately 7 million dollars, every second counts. As the largest annual broadcasting event in the United States, the Super Bowl reaches over 100 million viewers every February, making it a coveted opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and reach new customers.

While some brands joined forces with social media influencers and rising stars to appeal to viewers this year, many opted to partner with familiar faces of old, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Walken, and even Mr. T! Featuring a variety of eccentric characters – from talking cats to frozen foodies (think Forever Young), the Super Bowl 2024 ads are certain to entertain viewers of all ages. Check out the top five ads below!

5. Popeyes – The Wait is Over

A lot of crazy things have been created in the last 42 years, from robot vacuums to labradoodles. But for Howie, none of them is as exciting as the delectably crunchy chicken wings from Popeyes.

4. Hellmann’s – Mayo Cat

Sometimes, cooking inspiration springs from the unexpected.

3. Pluto TV – Welcome to Pluto TV Country

Are couch potatoes made or grown?

2. Doritos – Dina & Mita

Though they may be little, they are fierce! Team up with abuelas Dina and Mita as they reclaim what is rightfully theirs: a bag of chips and a bucketload of respect.

1. Pringles – Mr. P

Can something as simple as a mustache transform your life?

Honorable Mention: CeraVe – Michael CeraVe

*slow clap*