On Wednesday, Joe Biden may have been the one being sworn in as President of the United States, but inauguration attendee Sen. Bernie Sanders captured everyone’s attention with his cold and grumpy bundled-up look.

Brands seized the moment and began pumping out #BernieSandersMittens memes, and the results are pure gold.


Shopify used the original Bernie photo in conjunction with a few other shots from the day to make an entire vignette about vendor experiences, and it’s pretty great.


Some Etsy shops have even gotten in on the action, selling Bernie mittens meme-related items ranging from, well, mittens to paintings of the now-iconic pose.

London Symphony Orchestra

Never has the orchestral musician’s experiences been more poignantly captured.

KFC India

Particularly spicy was KFC’s effort to capitalize off the Sanders-Sanders connection.



wikiHow cobbled together a super-important how-to guide on staying warm, #Bernie style.

Andy Warhol Museum

Royal Exchange Theater

SmileShop Direct Club



The Tweets highlighted in the post were selected from a list originally compiled by AdAge.