In their latest advertisement, faucet manufacturer Moen highlights the importance of water in our lives by imaging a world without it.

Showing people in everyday situations- a couple relaxing in the pool, kids spraying each other with the hose- as well as national landmarks, such as the Grand Canyon and the Golden Gate Bridge, nothing about the commercial appears abnormal at first glance. But then the viewer realizes there’s something all these situations are missing – water.

Moen uses the slogan “Water designs our life. Who designs for water?” to capture the important role water plays in our lives, as well as the important role their faucets play in bringing it to homes in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Mark-Hans Richer, senior vice president, chief marketing and innovation officer, says of the new campaign:

Decades of understanding and innovation are what make us experts in water experience. And we’ve come to realize there’s a real opportunity to not only create beauty through the style and look of our products, but to design for the future of water experience in a world where water is becoming ever more important.

The spot is a tasteful and thought-provoking way to draw attention to the brand.