Facebook has a nice catalogue of marketing tools, but not everyone is familiar (or even aware) of all the different options. This can be problematic, especially since Facebook is a major avenue for engaging an audience.

In order to make sure that you and your business are maximizing the marketing potential of this not-so-trivial social platform, we’ve provided a guide that lays out all the options and shortcuts are available to help you begin your Facebook enterprise.

Editing Follower Settings

In order to be a brand rather than just an individual, you need to set your page to allow followers rather than just the standard likes. You can do this here.

Checking the Activity History

By adding “/allactivity” after your username in a Facebook URL, you can pull up a complete list of all your likes, shares, and other activity since you joined. This helps you prune your page and shape it the exact way you want in order to maintain the reputation you desire.

Accessing Insights

Are you really up-to-date with how your apps and posts are performing with your fans and followers? Find links to insights from all of your apps, pages, and domains on the Platform Insights page.

Creating Ads

There is a reason they appear all over the internet: they work. So don’t forget to create some ads for your business! You can do so here.

Creating Even Better Ads

No matter what, you always want to stand out from every other brand out there, and you don’t want your content to be merely “interesting”: you need it to be memorable. For even more effective (though more difficult to create) ads, check out Power Editor.

Accessing Audience Insights

Blindly posting without knowing who your audience is can be a waste of both your time and your resources. In order to properly target your ads, visit Audience Insights to see everyone on Facebook, people connected to your page, or even people with specific interests.

The above guidelines are just the tip of the iceberg. For many more, see the original guide at Social Media Examiner, and happy marketing!