Spotify’s latest ad campaign focuses on the natural relationship between car rides and cool jams. Named “for the ride,” the campaign features an ad spot and a series of billboards.

We can all relate to that “gotta finish that song” moment. Spotify channels that energy in their commercial “Let the song play,” which shows individuals in a variety of situations staying in their cars to finish *that* song. From the pizza man, to the girl headed to soccer practice, to the mom taking the kids to their grandparents’ house – they all just need to have that moment.

Spotify’s Vice President and Global Executive Creative Director, Alex Bodman, shared the thought process behind the campaign:

The creative [sic] started with a simple insight that we rarely discuss, but everyone can relate to. Then, the team got to work on bringing the insight to life with a healthy dose of Spotify’s sense of humor. Hopefully, it makes people laugh while reminding them how much better driving is when you have the perfect soundtrack.

June Sauvaget, Spotify’s global head of consumer and product marketing, added:

The experience of commuting and listening to music and news in your car is so universal to every driver’s daily routine.

The campaign plays to the app’s strengths, recognizing Spotify’s central role in users’ drive time, whether they’re on their daily commute or a cross-country road trip.