Presenting your brand with an image of festive cheer during the holidays can definitely make an impact on your audience.  According to Mashable, 65% of shoppers turn to social media to find the perfect gift for their friends and family, so make sure your brand is noticeable during this merry time of year and you just might reach new heights with your social media presence.

1.  Decorate Your Media Channels

Decorations are a fun and festive way to intrigue your customer.  Most stores will decorate for the holidays, so why not do the same to your brand symbol?  Change your cover image or decorate your actual symbol.  Take REI for example: 

2.  Create A Holiday Pinterest Board

Home Depot knows that some people need inspiration on what to buy their husbands or boyfriends, and came up with a “Christmas Gifts for Him” Pinterest board to put on their social media profiles which now has over 37,000 followers.  The hardware giant is clearly hitting the nail on the head in regards to offering what customers want to see.  On top of that, all their pins link back to their website!

3.  Think Visual

Make sure to promote any seasonal products you may have by sharing them on your social media sites.  Luxury chocolatier Hotel Chocolat’s Facebook Page has plenty of photos of delicious-looking festive treats.  A chocolate Santa not only puts people in a Christmasy state of mind, but also engages them by having them comment on which chocolate goodies they want to see under the tree.

4.  Holiday Competitions

This is the perfect time of the year to give back.  A fun holiday competition will garner customer attention and also show that your company embraces the holiday spirit of giving.
Whole Foods are giving away $250 gift cards to help towards your Holiday party by asking fans to pin a Glitter and Gravy image to a Pinterest board and then fill that board with their favorite party recipes and pictures.  This way, not only do fans get to have fun putting a party board together, but Whole Foods then gets images of their food shared across Pinterest and their brand takes center stage in people’s minds when they are thinking about where to go to buy their party food.

5.  Check What’s Trending

Knowing what kind of content is engaging your customers is crucial.  Staying up to date on what is being talked about is one of the best ways to find out what customers want from you.  The holiday message you are sending should be relevant and fit with the discussion already going on, so browse popular hashtags to see if any of them fit for you.