Snapchat may be the most user-controlled social network.

The company reported on Thursday that since February, users have gone from viewing 8 billion videos per day to viewing 10 billion videos per day. Snapchat says that its steady surge is due to the fact that most of its videos are user generated.

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More than a third of Snapchat users contribute to its organic sort of newsfeed by daily sharing 10 second “stories” that have a 24 hour shelf life. Snapchat has been highlighting its organic approach to content as a way of explaining to investors that the social network is more interested in offering an avenue for users to create and share content than in prepackaging content for users to consume.

This approach to video gives Snapchat an edge over the dominant social network, Facebook, which has only just started promoting user driven video content in April with Facebook Live. Snapchat also has a leg up on Facebook in that its model requires its users to always be creating and sharing content whereas Facebook’s model allows users to passively scroll through their newsfeeds without contributing to the conversation.

Though it may have the video advantage, Snapchat measures its success differently than Facebook. Facebook focuses on the time users spend online while Snapchat counts the number of videos users watch. In addition, Snapchat videos can only be a maximum of 10 seconds in length while Facebook videos have no such limits. This may contribute to Snapchat’s disproportionate spike in videos shared over the past few months

Though an outlier among social networks, Snapchat continues to grow and all indications seem to show it will continue to play an important role in promoting user created content in the future.