Snapchat is moving into Yelp’s territory with its newest feature, Context Cards.

The feature allows Snap users to find out info about any snap, including restaurant reviews, contact information, and Uber availibity.

The update marks a fundamental change in Snapchat’s purpose as an app and may serve as an enticement to users swayed by Snapchat mimicry from Facebook and Instagram.

Context Cards works a lot like the ads that appear in-between Snap stories. When you are clicking through your feed, you’ll see a button that says “more.” If you swipe up, you’ll get a list of nearby attractions to wherever the story was shot.

Wondering how this all works? Snapchat will only put Context Cards in stories where the user has chosen to put a location filter on the screen. That way, Snapchat gets the best of both worlds; it doesn’t have to breach privacy to place ads and when it injects a pop-up ad, the location of the snapper is entirely voluntary.

If Snapchat plays its cards right, this new feature could make it like Google search, but for the visual world. On the other hand, Context Cards could be percieved as yet another advertising nuisance to users.

Check this introductory video from Snapchat to learn more.