Snapchat has launched a new project which is like Pokémon Go, but for artists.

Starting yesterday, the company has made it possible for visual artists to place AR art pieces in specific locations, which Snap users can find on a map and then inspect with their phone cameras.

Stirring of the new project first arose when Snapchat released a new website with a countdown clock. The company would not explain the meaning of the new project, but told media outlets that it had “more to share soon.”

The project places art in public places and lets users track it on Snapchat’s map feature.

The purpose behind the project is much like that of Pokémon Go: to bind people into a community with the help of AR technology and through that community to encourage them to keep using the Snapchat app.

Facebook has been working on a similar project, called SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), which is intended to show people where they can find AR artworks around any given city.

SLAM – Heather Day AR art

Posted by Facebook Engineering on Thursday, September 21, 2017

Right now, it doesn’t look like either company is trying to monetize their new features; they’re just cool things to keep users interested in the product.

Body images via Snapchat and Facebook.