Last year, Snapchat was called the “world’s most confusing social network,” but that’s about to change.

In the next few weeks, the company will be releasing an update that will make its users searchable, and will add shortcuts to streamline in-app navigation.

Snapchat’s lack of a search bar has perennially been a stumbling block for the app’s newer users. The company originally excluded one to make the app feel more private and secure, but now that Snapchat is flooded with promoted content, that strategy will no longer work.

In the past year, Snapchat became one of the fastest growing social networks. To make the experience profitable, the company transformed itself from a kitschy toy with self-deleting messages to a genuine information hub, with video stories from established publications like Economist and The New Yorker. In addition, the app now allows users to set up video conferences and leave voicemails. As of 2016, Snapchat boasts of over 150 million daily users who view more than 10 billion videos a day.

Now that Snapchat is adding a search bar, a whole new wealth of information will be made accessible to advertisers. The company has not only promised that users will be able to search for friends, but also for titles and publishers of promoted stories.

This new update is likely intended to keep Snapchat popular and profitable as its user base continues to explode. But it doesn’t have to help Snapchat alone – it can help you too. Now that the app is making it easier for users to find each other, businesses have a new avenue to connect with their target audiences over social media.