Just when you think you’ve seen it all… 

This week Snap announced the release of a third generation of their infamous Spectacles – reminding us that just because we follow our friends on social media, it doesn’t mean we actually get to see everything happening in their lives. But the latest edition of Snapchat’s Spectacles will take you even closer to that possibility.

TechCrunch describes the glasses’ features as follows:

You can capture 3D snaps, with a slight side-to-side depth effect thanks to dual-angle cameras; 3D filters, which add AR graphics effects to captured video; 3D lenses, which add stickers and characters to your Snaps; and 3D viewing, which lets you use an included stereoscopic viewer to get the same perspective as someone who’s captured video using their Spectacles when viewing their Snaps.

Source: TechCrunch

Snap is currently the only company to offer video with point-of-view viewing capabilities. The two cameras on the outside of the lens facilitate capturing this perspective, giving extra depth to video and photo content, filming 60 fps in HD. Buttons on either side can be used to snap photos or begin recording video. The audio-capturing quality has been improved with four microphones. 

Source: TechCrunch

Currently, the glasses are only available in a nude “mineral” shade, and black, and come with their own USB-charging case.

While this latest generation of Snapchat’s Spectacles sounds just splendid, don’t get too excited just yet. Starting in November, the glasses will be available for a whopping $380 – more than double the price of the first generation, despite the fact that even those came under fire for being overpriced and underwhelming. It remains to be seen just how badly millennials and Gen-Z users will want to wow their Snapchat friends.

Source: TechCrunch