Earlier this month, Slack released a new video advertisement promoting its latest features to show how the collaboration platform is so much more than an instant messaging tool. But unlike their previous advertisements, this one is a musical.

Preparing for “The Big Meeting”

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you can relate to the sense of urgency and stress that precedes an important meeting. For its latest ad, Slack partnered with creative agency Brand New School to tell the story of a group of businesspeople struggling to prepare for a last-minute client meeting – until they realize they can plan it all in Slack.

Every moment of the minute and 15-second musical is used to humorously explore the myriad of ways Slack can be used to enhance productivity, especially for individuals working in semi-remote environments. From its single-click video “huddles” to its convenient AI tool that reads and summarizes long channel conversations, the platform’s latest features include a wide variety of virtual resources that make it easy for teams to collaborate efficiently and effectively.

Why a mini musical?

When asked about the vision behind the ad, Colin McRae, VP of Global Brand Marketing & Creative Strategy at Slack commented:

“Brand New School are exceptional creative partners whose breadth and depth of creativity and production capabilities know no bounds… With ‘The Big Meeting,’ we wanted to showcase Slack’s latest innovations, enabling effortless productivity in a delightfully unexpected way. This clever musical film playfully brings to life how features like automation, search, and integrations reduce busywork while improving team collaboration – all through a whimsical spirit true to Slack.”

Watch the mini musical for yourself below!