Pinterest, with its plethora of images, has become one of the major platforms in the social media force.  No longer is it only a draw for female users to exchange baking pictures and home decor idea, but there’s a large section for male users to pin that sports car they like, pyramids of beer cans, or even that new shed they built after they watched Home Depot’s DIY videos.  The point being, boards exist for everything from bedazzled soda caps to chimpanzees climbing totem poles.  In fact, the number of boards (let alone images) is overwhelming.

Enter Guided Search.  Yes, another search engine.  It can join the club and sit right over there, next to  . . . that other search engine that just came out.  As extraneous as a new search engine might seem, Pinterest’s new search engine is different, since it actually doesn’t try to give you specific answers, opting instead to steer you in the right direction.

Say you really want a plant to jazz up your coffee table.  Good news: there are a lot of plants out there.  Bad news: there are A LOT of plants out there.  Take a look at the guide to see what specifics you want- shade, size, color, maintenance, etc.  That way you can find plants that tailor to your needs, without having to wade through a billion “plants in pots” pins.

Considering possible changes to your hairstyle?  Try searching for specific looks- bobs, brunettes, mullets- who knows?  With Guided Search, you aren’t limited to just one category.  Maybe you will be inspired to get an afro.

You know you have an awesome car, it just needs a touch of color.  Use Pinterest to search for possible new ways to give your vehicle a whole new appearance.

In the end, Guided Search’s purpose isn’t to take you to a specific pin.  It leaves your question a little open-ended so you can still find new things, but saves you the headache of sifting through millions of boards with billions of pins.

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