In its latest marketing stunt, Ralph Lauren has collaborated with the popular online gaming platform Fortnite to release a new product line: Polo Ralph Lauren x Fortnite Capsule.

About the partnership

While Ralph Lauren is no stranger to the metaverse (last fall they launched a digital couture collection in Roblox), the Polo Ralph Lauren x Fortnite Capsule marks the first time that Ralph Lauren has designed a clothing line with a “digital-first” perspective. The physical collection was released on November 2 on Ralph Lauren’s website, and will be followed by another product drop on December 1, while the digital collection was released on November 5 in the Fortnite Item Shop.

When asked about how the company decided to pursue the Fortnite partnership, David Lauren, Chief Branding and Innovation Officer at Ralph Lauren stated:

“Ralph Lauren has always designed dreams and created new worlds, and today, our collaboration with Fortnite will deliver a groundbreaking experience to a new community of next-generation players and consumers. Our partnership represents a completely fresh take on the Ralph Lauren brand—designing for the metaverse first—that is thoroughly focused on the future. We are excited to continue to lead digital exploration, building on our decades-long track record of pioneering innovation.”

In recognition of the historic partnership, for the first time ever since it’s founding in 1967, Ralph Lauren also redesigned its logo for the physical product line, switching out the classic Polo Pony for Fortnite’s Loot Llama.

Source: TechCrunch

To celebrate the launch, Ralph Lauren hosted a three-hour long Twitch livestream event where viewers could “interact with top gamers, influencers and celebrity talent.”

Whether or not the company’s latest digital venture will pay off remains to be seen: while Fortnite currently has an average of 80 million monthly users, the majority of American adults still don’t understand the concept of the metaverse.