Fans mourned Vine’s loss when Twitter announced on Thursday that it would be shutting down its short-form video app.

But Vine’s fall was long in coming. Twitter has hardly been able to keep itself afloat in the past year — supporting another app that only a niche of its already niche audience would use was distracting the company from its core goals. Right now, those core goals are expanding its user base to the wider social media world.

But let’s take a moment to appreciate Vine before it’s gone forever. Quirky and random, the app allowed users to create six-second “slice of life” videos which made the app a hub for unique humor.

Some featured joking plays on everyday life, like this one about what happens when mom isn’t home.

Others meshed pop-culture touchstones together, like this one of Bill Gates showing off his best dab:

But most were even more ridiculous, like this one that plays off an already well-known Vine, featuring “Mr. Postman,” but with a play on the popular “Illuminati confirmed” internet trend.

Goodbye Vine, we will miss you.