In today’s mobile-driven world, the podcast stands out as one of the most mobile-friendly forms of media. While a lot of consideration goes into creating a podcast, there is another question that tends to stump marketers: in the competitive world of social media marketing, how should you promote your podcast?

Luckily, Buffer Social just released an awesome article on how to promote your podcast. In it, there is advice specifically tailored to those releasing their first set of podcasts. Here is a comprehensive list of 10 phenomenal ideas to help you best promote your podcast:

  • Make it easy for guests to share your podcast by creating quote blocks, images, etc. that can be easily sent on all forms of social media. It can also be employed to remind people of a release of a new podcast. Just make sure that you release them in a timely manner.
  • Promote on every level of social media, from Facebook to Twitter. The more representation the better. Also, don’t just use images, use soundbites, video, teasers, and social language as well.
  • Release at least 3 episodes on launch day, if not more. A good percentage of complaints about a podcast is that there weren’t enough available episodes. To address this, make sure to record and release several podcasts and build your audience before launching if possible.
  • Convert the audio from your podcasts into YouTube videos. There are multiple benefits of this, including more content for social media, closed captioning, and SEO benefits
  • Submit your podcast to all forms podcast apps to increase your platform.
  • Transcribe the audio. It will give you SEO benefits and studies show that people really like having a visual version of a podcast to refer back to.
  • The first two weeks after you launch are the most important because you basically have 8 weeks from when your podcast launches to get to New and Noteworthy. Run all sorts of giveaways, send out all forms of alerts on social media, and send emails to your followers. The bottom line is that it is crucial to get your name out there as much as possible in the first fourteen days.
  • Run a giveaway contest as stated above. People love winning things and you love followers. It happens to work out in the interim.
  • Network with other people who create podcasts. Network with brands who are interested in podcasts. In general, just network. The more you mention other people and brands, the more likely it is they mention you back.
  • Last but not least, be a guest on other people’s podcasts. This way, their followers can become your followers.

The bottom line is, the more places you can get featured, the better it is. Social media is amazing for promoting anything from public figures to brands: use it as much as possible. Networking is the second most important thing: be sure to connect with fellow pod-casters. While it may seem counterintuitive, sharing followers is actually a great way to increase your following.

Take it all in stride, and enjoy the excitement, challenge, and fun of creating and sharing your podcast!