Play-Doh has a new ad campaign called the “emerging species” campaign, featuring imaginary animals made to look like they’re created from Play-Doh. The idea of the campaign is to demonstrate the creative possibilities of Play-Doh.

The animals are displayed in an interactive gallery; visitors can hover their mouse over each creature for the name, or click for more information. Some of the creatures, such as the Icecreambear and the Cloudsheep, are pretty cute, while others, like the Siamese pigs and the Zombison, are rather terrifying.

The tongue-in-cheek, documentary-style descriptions seem targeted more towards adults: for example, the description for “the Big Brother” creature reads:

Nicknamed by zoologists “Kim-Jong-Il of the meadow”, or even “Stalin of the countryside”, this animal has not only been endowed with a dozen eyes- half of them on its back – but also with two brains that allow a 360-degree surveillance, day and night.

But, whether you think the animals are cute or creepy, the campaign is certainly succeeding in engaging their consumers. Play-doh is encouraging people to share their own “emerging species” creations on Facebook and picking their favorites to post to the page, giving individuals a chance to express their creativity.