Barely a week ago, Pinterest introduced us to their latest marketing update: promoted video with autoplay.

“But they already have those!” you might argue.

Yes, but up until this past week the concept was only available to major brands. This time around, the feature is available to ALL users. Pinterest announced:

Lots of businesses have already tried Promoted Video with autoplay—a dynamic format that boasts more efficient buying options, and new targeting and measurement solutions.

Promoted Video delivers dramatic results, including lifts in brand awareness and favorability. Plus, using Promoted Video to show your ideas in action produces big gains in intent to act. 

And now this captivating format is available to everybody!

Now the system isn’t perfect, and like every update, it has its flaws. Like its other ad-types, Pinterest will bill marketers by the quantity of impressions. In this case, it includes each time a user scrolls past the video – whether they look at it or not.

However pricey this may get, it may well be worth it. According to research by Mobile Marketer:

Major brands have seen positive results from video ads on Pinterest, the company said in the blog. Visa saw a 33% gain in being considered the most innovative payment option among its target demographic. Universal Pictures targeted women already planning weekend activities to promote its blockbuster movie “Girls Trip,” boosting interest in the film. Cheetos saw a 51% gain in purchase intent among its target demographic, according to Pinterest.

Fascinating, right?

Take a look at Pinterest’s concept video below and let us know what you think. Does this look like something you will utilize for your business in the coming months?