Oh Thanksgiving – a time of gratitude, turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and – the pièce de résistance – the pumpkin pie. By some estimates, this American tradition – or some form of roasted pumpkin repast – is thought to date back to 1621 – that very first Thanksgiving with pilgrims and all.

But what if pumpkin pie wasn’t the rightful centerpiece of the Thanksgiving dessert spread? What if all these years, we’ve been lied to?

In a hilarious conspiracy mockumentary commercial, Philadelphia explores this very question – and what a penetrating one it is. We follow the steps of “Cheescakers” as they uncover the evidence of pilgrims eating what could possibly maybe not really actually be – not pumpkin pie – but cheesecake. Of course, no one wants the truth out. From the museum attendant that shuts down the Cheesecaker who asks one too many questions about a historic painting, to the “Pumpkin Pie Executive” who shuns probing questions like a guilty politician, the case is clear: it was always cheesecake.

What Philadelphia does right

Cream cheese is not particularly germane to Thanksgiving – but did that stop Philadelphia? You bet it didn’t. The brand’s associate director of marketing, Megan Magnuson remarked:

The campaign is designed to resonate with our millennial consumers who don’t traditionally consider making cheesecake for Thanksgiving. We’re addressing one of the top barriers, which is a belief that cheesecake is not a Thanksgiving dessert.

The jury’s out regarding whether cheesecake will ever be considered a Thanksgiving dessert, but one thing is clear – Philadelphia’s “Cheesecakers Society” commercial simply radiates ingenuity.

Source: Muse by Clio