AUGUST 8, 2012
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RESTON, VA—OPUSfidelis—one of the nation’s premiere social media strategy and marketing firms—announced today that it has been chosen by the Foundation for Evangelization through the Media (FEM) in Rome, Italy to lead the development and launch of its new social media network:

“Social media is a powerful communications tool because it allows the user to connect to potentially millions of people at once with a message that the end-user encounters as a one-on-one personal exchange,” said David Lejeune, chief executive officer of OPUSfidelis. “We are truly honored to work on such a significant and monumental undertaking from the ground level.”

The new network, which is under the patronage of four pontifical councils and is set to launch worldwide in six languages in early fall, has been in development for the past six months. OPUSfidelis began testing the beta version of the site earlier this summer. is an interactive social community that is designed to engage “seekers of the truth” about Faith, Life, and Society. The beta site is not currently available publicly, but more information about the work of the Foundation can be found at

“We simply could not have gotten this far without OPUSfidelis,” stated Jesus Colina, CEO and co-Founder for “They have brought an expertise, understanding and know-how to this all-important enterprise that has allowed us to propel it forward at near lightning speed. They are truly a godsend.”

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