As the new year approaches, we shall remember 2015 as the year of the online video. Not only YouTube, but now Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all support sophisticated video functions. If your business does not already have a video presence on social media, it might be time to get one.

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When you first start posting videos, it is imperative that you provide your audience with information concerning what your subject matter will be. Title your videos with catchy headlines and provide a helpful description in the subtext. Making a great video is one thing, but then you must successfully present it to the world.

As more people tap into the power of online video, the number of unique topics become scarcer. Accept the fact that your videos will probably cover subject matter that has been covered before. But, fortunately, video is the perfect medium for individuality. You, the creator, can put yourself in front of the camera and explain your subject matter to the audience in your own way. Make your videos unique by being personal—that’s half the reason videos are so popular anyways.

Be sure to post your videos to multiple platforms. YouTube is a classic option, but Facebook can support most video now. Twitter has features such as Periscope, which allows you to live stream your videos. Different opportunities like these allow for experimentation. Try different things—longer form, shorter form, live stream—find the avenue best suited for your business.

Above all, provide your audience with something entertaining! People watch videos because they are more interesting than text, so be sure to present your videos in a way that compels your audience. If you can achieve this, you are bound for success.

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