An obscure brand of chicken might just have the new cutest animal mascot. In a series of three commercials, Sanderson Farms uses a funny talking chicken to raise awareness of their brand.

The first spot shows that their chickens are fed a protein-rich diet, demonstrated by the chicken at a restaurant rejecting a vegetarian special that he is served.

Another ad points out the ridiculousness of spending a lot of money on chicken by showing a couple buying an expensive Faberge egg as a souvenir for the chicken, who tries his best to accept the ostentatious present graciously.

The best commercial of the three features not only the chicken, but also a cute group of penguins. Venturing to the Arctic to visit his distant relatives, the chicken just can’t handle the cold. The commercial’s conclusion: chicken isn’t meant to be frozen.

The commercials do a great job highlighting the defining characteristics of their brand while being humorous. The Sanderson chicken might just give the GEICO gecko a run for his money.