One of the key components to any brand’s success is tailoring its image for the target audience. The movie streaming service, Netflix, ranks foremost in this category. In addition to providing convenient access to hundreds of movies and TV shows from major networks around the world, Netflix also creates its own content, aimed specifically at the people who subscribe to the service.

The best example of this strategy’s success is the summer TV show, Stranger Things. The sci-fi show follows the adventures of five kids from a small Indiana town caught up in a government conspiracy and pays tribute to the work of directors like Steven Spielberg and Rob Reiner all while giving the audience a heavy dose of 80s nostalgia. The show’s first season was so popular that it has already been renewed for a second.

Why? Because most Netflix watchers grew up in the late 1980s or early 1990s and can relate to the kids who star in the show. Netflix knows what its audience wants and gives it to them. The result is that many people believe the service will eventually replace mainstream TV altogether.

Check out this infographic below to see how Netflix has become so successful:

A Netflix Story: The Human Approach to Social Media Marketing [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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