Some new and awesome content is now on Pinterest.  Following its additions of YouTube and Vimeo, Pinterest today has added Vevo music videos to its platform.  Now, you can search for videos, share them, and watch them on Pinterest itself, watch them on your friends’ boards, or follow the link to Vevo.

While Pinterest has already integrated videos from both Youtube and Vimeo, the deal struck with Vevo does have some unique points that raise its importance.  For example, Vevo is a big-name content provider, so partnering with them can potentially provide Pinterest users with a channel that goes beyond the likes of YouTube.  For example this series of live Nirvana concerts allows users to easily consume things beyond YouTube’s scope, not to mention they can also amuse themselves with a fun throwback board.

Although Vevo is already available on YouTube, it has been building out its accessibility, to include making itself available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Xbox, as well as AOL, Yahoo, and other portals.  A Vevo spokesperson stated that the majority (62%) of Vevo’s almost seven-million, monthly global views come from tablet, TV Apps, and mobile devices, while desktop makes up the rest of the views (approximately 38%).

The partnership with Vevo raises Pinterest’s position as a portal for entertainment content, which could potentially shake up its demographics even more.  In its initial days, Pinterest’s reputation was that of being a major site for women with emphases on interests such as crafting, cooking, and fashion.  But besides predominately “female” interests, Pinterest has also been promoting other verticals, a big one being travel, as well as offering suggestions on different ways to use their platform.  While it is still reportedly used more by women than men, Vevo style content could clear the way to redress some of the imbalanced demographic.

Because Pinterest generates more referral traffic than Twitter and is inching closer to the top traffic generator (Facebook), some still view Pinterest as primarily a vehicle to other third parties.  But that tune is beginning to sound a little different.  Pinterest is definitely making significant efforts and strides to make itself more of a destination than a meta-site.  By adding more content that users can consume directly on Pinterest, not only will people spend more time on the site, but Pinterest will also be given the ability to better monetize their content by way of sponsorships and ads.

Source: TechCrunch