When would be the best time to advertise a phone that is to be designed, engineered and assembled in the USA? On July 4th of course! With everyone in the U.S. gearing up for their annual barbecues and parties, the genius folks in Motorola’s marketing department realized this would be the perfect time to tease their new “made in America” smartphone online, and the print version will be in major newspapers today and throughout the holiday.

WIth Samsung and HTC having both released their flagship devices for the year, the major source of leaks and news lately has been Motorola. They were purchased by Google in May 2012, and we’ve heard for awhile that we wouldn’t see the first phones with any Google influence until mid-late 2013. That being said, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside hinted about the Moto X in May at the D11 conference, and leaks have continued to surface. Yesterday Motorola launched this ad campaign, touting a phone that would give consumers the freedom to design it to fit their style. They also hint at the endless possibilities with bringing the design, engineering and manufacturing talent back to the U.S.

As we’ve seen leaks of “specs” for a supposed Moto X phone, many are still wondering if this is going to be a high-end flagship phone that will compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the HTC one or if it’ll be a solid mid-range phone with good specs and a quality build. Until we actually see the phone and get an official announcement, we won’t really know how “customizable” and “designed by you” the phone will be. Motorola also just launched a signup page today for those who want to be the first to know details about the Moto X. This sign up page will most likely just be a way Motorola helps announce the official event that we assume they’ll have to launch the Moto X. There will be significant hype surrounding the Moto X until it’s officially launched as most in the tech world can’t wait to see what a company with a solid hardware manufacturing background can do with Google’s ideas and money. We can’t wait to see where this could lead.