Last year, French startup Pollen Robotics unveiled its humanoid robot “Reachy” at CES. With its whimsical antennae and eye-like lenses, Reachy has a uniquely endearing appearance. This year, Reachy is back with some mind-blowing upgrades: chiefly, its capability of being controlled remotely through VR technology. TechCrunch explains:

Using a VR headset, a remote operator is capable of viewing video through the robot’s two face cameras. VR controllers are used to manipulate the robot’s arms for pick and place operations. The functionality can be used for, among other things, training the robot to perform tasks.

Reachy can perform a variety of functions from cooking to painting, with interchangeable “hand” attachments for different tasks. With refinement, this breakthrough in technology could completely transform company operations in the future. But with a $17,000 price tag, it’s not likely anyone will be losing their job to Reachy anytime soon.

Reachy’s software is built on ROS 2, which is a popular open-source robotics operating system.