Medium, a popular publishing platform receiving up to 30 million unique visits each month, just introduced an app that has people wondering whether it will be the future of technology… or a flop. The concept, called Series, is the marriage between Snapchat and a blog.

Realizing that people were increasingly choosing to access content via mobile, Medium took steps to meet users where they are. Thus, with a design reminiscent of Snapchat, Series provides a means of video recording or photographing quick updates in your day to day life. However, unlike Snapchat, these stories are permanent. The effect is somewhat like a virtual book that followers can flip through and read. Furthermore, Series sets itself apart by allowing users to create as many stories or ‘series’ as they want.

Medium demonstrates the functionality of the app with some clean visuals:


Series: Like Blogging, but Simpler

According to Wired: Medium found success by offering a platform that was like blogging, but simpler, and simply let you write without worrying about all the ancillary work. Series has a higher bar to clear, since Instagram and Snapchat already offer simple and fun ways to share stories over time. Medium does have one distinct advantage, though: The Stories format might be universal, but only on Medium do they stick around.

As time wears on, it will be interesting to see whether or not Series will be successful. Although it has no problem setting itself apart on the market, will the concept be too different to appeal to the majority of people who would prefer a less permanent means of self-expression? Is there a place amongst the popular apps for long-form content and analysis? We hope so.