“WARNING: If you are easily offended by the sight of mayo avert your eyes now.”

In its latest video advertising campaign, Kraft Heinz shines a spotlight on how consumers enjoy its “most divisive condiment”: mayonnaise. 

“Revel in your individuality” with Kraft Mayo

From the sniffers to the dippers to the fry painters, all types of mayo-lovers are welcome at Kraft’s table – and the food production giant wants customers to know that they are not alone in their “Mayo Rituals.” The company went full send in its latest ad campaign, declaring its utmost adoration for the unique ways in which mayonnaise is eaten and acknowledging that mayo-haters exist, but who cares?

Each ad starts out with a “warning” for the haters, followed by an extreme close-up of Kraft mayo being prepared for consumption in a “ritual,” and last but not least, ends with the phrase: “Let your mayo freak flag fly.” 

When discussing how they came up with the idea for the campaign, one of the copywriters at Wieden+Kennedy New York stated:

“We wanted to tell mayo lovers we know that mayo haters can bring you down sometimes, but it’s okay: we not only recognize these weird, quirky little rituals that you have, but we’re actually celebrating them…

We made [the ads] 95% mayo, 4% food and then 1% copy. Mayo by itself says and does so much without even really needing to add much to it.”

 The ads began airing in August on television and select streaming services.