In an effort to help U.S. consumers suffering from egg shortages, Kraft Heinz brand Just Crack an Egg has forged an unlikely alliance with

About the alliance

 When Kraft Heinz held its quarterly earnings call in February, the company noted that consumer demand for product lines involving eggs was declining. This wasn’t surprising, considering the cost of eggs in the U.S. has risen about 70% over the last year, due to economic inflation and the shortages caused by an outbreak of avian flu.

While this was bad news for a company whose food products require eggs as a key ingredient, the team at Just Crack an Egg embraced their motto and found an “unconventional solution to make consumers’ lives easier”:  they partnered with the dating site While few people may have heard of it, FarmersOnly boasts over 1.5 million active users, and according to Just Crack an Egg, offers a perfect solution for customers struggling to find eggs – by pairing up egg-seekers with chicken owners!

As of April 12, Just Crack an Egg customers can upload a picture of their receipt to, and get a free year’s subscription to the FarmersOnly dating site and app, allowing them to sweet-talk as many poultrymen (and women) as they please.

Kelsey Rice, Senior Brand Manager, Just Crack an Egg recently shared about the inspiration behind the partnership:

“Finding affordable eggs has become a pain point for many Americans, and since consumers need to crack a fresh egg to create their own delicious Just Crack an Egg scramble, we wanted to help egg lovers find an unconventional solution while providing a little humor along the way. As the first refrigerated breakfast scramble, Just Crack an Egg has a history of cracking conventional thinking. We know there are farmers out there with a plethora of eggs, so by partnering with, we are making it easy to connect those searching for eggs – how they get the eggs is up to them.”