A folding phone sounds like a novel concept in theory – but the Samsung Galaxy Fold is proof that it may be difficult to realize.

The device was initially slated for launch on April 22 of this year, but after early reviewers complained of broken devices, Samsung was forced to delay the release. With the release now scheduled for this Friday, September 27 – five months later than planned – consumers are anxious to see how the updated version holds up.

Samsung is offering a “Galaxy Fold Premier Service” for buyers of the device, “to give consumers direct access to Samsung experts who can provide you tailored guidance and support over the phone any time, any day,” as well as releasing a “Caring for your Galaxy Fold” video that includes instructions such as “Just use a light touch.” This may or may not be comforting. Additionally, with a price tag of $2,000, the smart phone certainly isn’t for everyone.

Still, the concept of a phone that folds out into a tablet is intriguing. And it’s not without innovative features. The fact that it also has a fully functional front display when folded is impressive. The large screen enables up to three apps to be used simultaneously. Plus, it has not one, not two, but six cameras.

So is the Samsung Galaxy Fold really “the biggest breakthrough since the mobile phone”? Early reports seem to indicate that it’s not…but we’ll find out more once the phone is released to the general public on Friday.