Instagram’s new design layout makes the app look more modern, and its new analytics tool promises to make it more friendly than ever to advertisers. As the company unveils its new algorithmic feed this week, it will also roll out a set of analytics tools similar to those available on Facebook.

Vintage camera hanging on wooden bench in autumn park. Instagram style toned photo.

Like Facebook, Instagram’s analytics tool will be subdivided into different areas of interest. The follower analytics section will provide demographic details about a business’ audience — things like their age, location, and gender. Location information will be identified by city and country, making it easier for brands to target their posts to a more specific audience.

The new tool will also have a section that allows businesses to track how many new followers they have acquired on both an hourly and daily basis. This allows businesses to see when specific posts have converted the most users into followers.

Most importantly, the new analytics tool will offer a section that allows businesses to check up on how their content is performing — post reach, how many impressions each post makes, how many clicks each post gets, etc. This section will also allow businesses to look at impressions with a more holistic approach, arranging each post into a grid that covers the past month, with posts arranged according to impressions.

Once Instagram started appealing to advertisers, it was only a matter of time before the company would develop an analytics tool. This, and other new features like video view counts and the recently released 60 second video feature, are all moves toward a more advertiser-friendly Instagram.

Sourcing via TechCrunch.