Nonprofits, startups, and large corporations in 2018 have one thing in common: they face the daunting task of marketing to millennials. Some do this well, but many miss the mark. And if millennials sense that a business is trying to speak their language… and failing, they may just say “sorry not sorry” and take their business elsewhere. So, what’s a brand to do?

Adweek points out that the majority of millennials are turned off by advertising “that portrays their generation using clichés”:

78 percent don’t like it when ads try too hard to speak to people their age. Rather, millennials value authenticity: 89 percent prefer ads that are simple and straightforward, while 90 percent like it when a brand’s messages match its actions.

The solution may not be as difficult was one would think. Adweek quotes Fuse Media’s Jason Miller:

“These findings reinforce that this audience appreciates thoughtful brand communications that tell a compelling story, take a stand or provide a thought-provoking perspective… So, despite the myth that multicultural millennials are ad-averse, the fact is that they relate to brands and ads that are authentic, useful and entertaining.”

Just what are millennials looking for in ads? Take a look at this helpful infographic and remember that millennials often want what we’ve known actually works best for brands anyway: telling a story, bringing new perspectives to the table, honesty, and transparency: