People may know in the back of their minds that not everything they read on the internet is true, but online reviews still hold a lot of weight – whether positive or negative, real or fake. Fake positive internet reviews, also known as review brushing or sock-puppeting, can pose as a temptation for those selling a product or service. On the other hand, fake negative feedback can cause loss of business.

What do you do when you get a fake bad review? Headway Capital posted a helpful infographic for the small business owner dealing with online reviews: “These days it’s quick and easy for people to set up a profile and say anything they want about your business. Maybe it’s a competitor, or just someone looking to cause you some trouble. Whatever the reasons, this is a very real issue that should be dealt with swiftly… Our guide looks at some of the most popular review websites, so wherever you have a business profile, we’ve got you covered.”