If you’re one of the many Apple users who has been receiving unwanted Calendar invites, there’s now a solution.

mail on screen.

This problem began when spammers began sending iOS Calendar users invites to shopping deals. Once you start receiving these requests, you can’t make them go away because by clicking “decline,” you confirm your email address. This allows spammers to send email after email. Because these invites are sent through the iCloud system with which Calendar is synced, normal spam filters can’t block them.

The Washington Post has suggested two solutions to the problem.

1. Using a desktop computer, log into the iOS Calendar function, select “preferences,” then “advanced,” then switch how invitations are received in the”invitations” section by clicking away from “in-app notifications” to the”email to” option. This will turn off the function that automatically pushes event invitations into the Calendar app and forces them into the regular inbox, meaning that users can delete the invitation rather than being forced to accept or decline it.

2. A TechCrunch tutorial recommends creating a new and separate calendar to filter spam events into, just like how a spam filter works in most email inboxes. Unwanted messages can be directed to this new spam-specific calendar by opening the invitation and selecting the new calendar destination, then repeating for all invitations from the spam senders. From there, users can delete the spam calendar invitations without notifying the spammer that their address is valid. The key is to hit “delete and don’t notify” to make sure that spammers don’t receive the message.

Apple has yet to provide its own fix to the problem.