You’d have to live under a rock to have never seen a Geico ad, with their notorious little gecko spokesman. But in their latest commercial, they’ve nixed the reptile for something a little furrier: emperor penguins.

The spot opens like a nature documentary, showing two emperor penguins migrating, march-of-the-penguins style. When their GPS gets them lost and separated from the rest of their flock, they decide that maybe they should have just followed their instincts.

The ad concludes, “As long as your GPS can still get ya lost, you can count on Geico saving folks money.”

Although Geico continues to use the gecko in their advertising, they have featured other entertaining characters in their ads, such as this sloth, and “Captain Un-adventure,” who loses the keys to his starship. The Antarctic setting in this particular spot is perfect for winter, and the penguin chums are a welcome break for those of us who may be a bit tired of the gecko’s silly accent.

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