In a meta marketing move, GEICO is re-airing old commercials and asking viewers to vote for their favorites.

They announced the campaign with a retro-style ad for “The Best of GEICO Collection” that channels the feel of those tacky greatest hits album promos. Viewers are directed to vote online for their favorites, and enter for a chance to be the next GEICO commercial star.

The campaign landing page has many GEICO classics you may (or may not) remember, including:


Hump Day

 Caveman Airport

Steve Bassett, the Martin Agency’s senior vice president, who has worked with GEICO since the beginning, said of the idea:

We’ve had the account since 1994, so it’s been 25 years this year. When you look at the volume of the work, and consistency of the work over time, and you go on the GEICO YouTube page, people are making their own best-ofs already, in a way. So, it just felt like, starting with 2019, why don’t we do a best of?

The hard part was narrowing the commercials down to the top ten. But they seem to have done a good job – millions have already viewed the commercials online and many have entered the contest.

As marketers, we can take a cue from GEICO’s campaign and come up with new reasons for people to view our old content. Need ideas? Take a look at this article from Sprout Social.