Next year, the internet will be 30 years old. That’s right- almost 30 years ago Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the “WorldWideWeb” to CERN. The internet has changed a lot in that time.

Here are some websites that have shaped the internet into what it is today. Some you may have forgotten, others you can’t imagine living without.

Amazon (1994)

Amazon has come a long way from its beginnings as an online bookstore. Introducing one-click ordering in 1999 and free two-day shipping in 2005 helped it turn into the retail giant it is today.

eBay (1995)

We may no longer use it to buy those hard-to-find Beanie Babies, but eBay is still around. Why? Where else can you find super specific things you can no longer find in stores?

Mapquest (1996)

When GPS systems were cost-prohibitive and smart phones did not yet exist, there was Mapquest to help you get to your destination. If all went well, it meant you didn’t have to consult a huge paper map or ask a stranger at the gas station for directions.

Netflix (1997)

It killed Blockbuster and other video rental stores with DVDs mailed to your doorstep. Now it might kill cable- but is that really a bad thing? Although there’s something nostalgic about a video rental store, it sure is nice to select your movie from the comfort of your couch.

Google (1998)

How did people find things on the internet before Google? How did people find things period?

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