Facebook and Instagram crashed in some parts of the world this week, causing a panic on non-Facebook social media platforms, most notably Twitter.

The crash was not worldwide, but it is widespread with reports of outage popping up in Brazil, Japan, India and parts of Europe. As of now, Facebook does not know what caused the disruption of service, but a company spokesperson told Mashable, it is working to get everything back up and running as soon as possible.

Until that gets figured out, check out some of the best Twitter meltdowns:

Twitter user @PresKermit joked that people would finally get to talk to their families in person

@FunnyThingsUK tweeted a picture of a skeleton with the caption 'Just waiting for Facebook to get back online' 

@saleeeexx tweeted: 'Running from instagram to twitter like: #instagramdown'

A number of users have taken to Twitter to complain about the outages. @AnnabelYoxall tweeted a GIF with the caption 'Everyone on Twitter right now' 

Images via The Daily Mail.