If you have been wondering about those flower reaction buttons blossoming on your Facebook timeline over the past few days, here’s what is going on: the company wants you to be thankful for Mother’s Day.

The purple flower was first introduced on Mother’s Day last year as a “thankful” reaction button. It was the first temporary reaction button on social media. This year, however, there are some changes. When you tap the “thankful” reaction, purple flowers wrap around the post in an animated sequence.

In addition to the purple flower, Facebook has rolled out Mother’s Day-themed masks and frames on Facebook Camera, available when you swipe right on the News Feed.

Instagram users also are getting a Mother’s Day boost, with a slew of new stickers that can be pasted on the annual picture-of-gratitude with mom.

Since December, Facebook has made a point of notifying users about celebrating each major holiday with a post. The most popular holiday innovation occurred this past February, when Facebook allowed users to send each other cards for Valentine’s Day.

By encouraging users to post on their timeline’s for holidays, Facebook is trying to maintain a constant flow of users on the site – a task that is becoming more difficult as users branch out to more social networks. But if you go on Facebook this Mother’s Day, it looks like it worked.

Pictures via TechCrunch.