Starting early next year, Facebook plans to finally launch a version of its app specialized for office communications. The project, colloquially known as “Facebook at Work,” is Facebook’s first official foray into the world of professional communications.

When Facebook releases the app, companies can register with the social network and individual employees can make accounts, for a fee of “a few dollars a month.” Once they have set up their accounts, users can communicate within their company and share business related information with other employees. “Facebook at Work” will be like a stripped down version of the original site; users will be unable to play games, scroll through memes,or do things which business often deem to be “time wasters.”

Facebook has also said it is working on making its office app secure, so companies can actually use it for business. Once released, users can expect the Facebook’s new edition to be similar to existing intra-office communications services such as Slack and Yammer.

Several companies are already test-running the beta version of “Facebook at Work,” and the social network says it plans to release the app to the general public within the coming months. Who knows what 2016 will bring? It is very possible that within the coming months, office employees will have both a personal and work Facebook account.

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