Two former Facebook employees have launched a new app called Fabric that allows users to meticulously document their lives. The app combines elements of Google Maps and Facebook’s Timeline to allow its users to access their online past in a coherent manner.

IMG_6969The app acts like a scrapbook, taking every picture or life event and assigning it to a certain time and place. It pulls photos from Facebook, Instagram, and your phone’s camera role and plots them out on a world map. A timeline appears on the side, showing when the pictures were taken.

The app also contains a daily journal feature, which allows you to isolate a specific day and access all the things you saw or people you talked to.

In addition to recording your past memories, Fabric also contains a social element. If you add a friend to the app, it will begin tracking when your respective timelines converge. Friends can use the app to remember the last time they saw each other or what they have done together over the years.

The app eventually aims to provide a solution to memory loss:

“In the really long-term, we want to be an augmented memory solution. You want to be able to search through your brain at some point – we think that will exist. We’re trying to take the first step towards that,” Fabric’s founders have said.

Fabric is available as a free download on the iTunes App Store.